How to Lock/Unlock Tokens

Locking your tokens on DeversiFi is required for you to be able to interface with the order books directly from your Ethereum wallet. Locking your tokens does not place them outside of your control. To lock your tokens for a trade on DeversiFi, follow the instructions outlined below.  

How to Lock (MetaMask)

To lock balances simply click the ‘lock’ button in your Token Balances section and fill out the required information…

1. Select The Token (+ Amount)  


 2. Input Lock-Time

3. Click Accept

Once you click accept, a MetaMask pop-up will appear asking you to approve and submit the transaction. To complete locking your funds, go ahead and click submit.

When successful, you will see a notification appear in the bottom right-hand side of your page and your tokens will show in the ‘locked’ column of your Token Balances section. Just like in the image below…

More importantly, you are now free to trade! Just head to the order form.


To learn how to place an order, check out our article here.

For a video tutorial on how to lock your tokens, click here.


To unlock balances click the ‘unlock’ button in your Token Balances section and fill out the required information. If your lock period has expired, MetaMask will simply ask you to submit the transaction to unlock.

As you can see in the image below, there is a timer displaying your current lock time for each token as well as an ‘expired’ message for those that have expired.

If the lock period has not yet expired, the portal will first check if you have any active orders. If you do not, you will be able to unlock your tokens as usual.  

How to Lock (Keystore)

Locking your tokens with Keystore is really easy. Once you have select 'LOCK' you will see a prompt asking you to chose a gas price... 

As you can see on the bottom right-hand side of the image above, the process is 'pending'. Once you have selected 'Accept' and the transaction has completed, you will that message change... 



And Voila - You're tokens are Locked and ready for trading! 


The image above shows the Token Balances section after selling 1ETH for USDT. To unlock the USDT, simply select 'UNLOCK' 

Once done, simply select the token you wish to unlock and click 'accept' and your tokens will become unlocked! 


So long as you have 0 open orders with your USDT, your funds will soon appear in the 'UNLOCKED' column of your Token Balances section! 

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