Where can I sign up for an account on the trading page?

The decentralised portal is just that - decentralised. As a result, there is no centralised administration in place, or need for one, to manage accounts, data or other personal information. The only ‘account’ on the decentralised portal is your connected wallet, displaying your public key. 

Why is the trading volume on the bottom right inconsistent with the total trading volume under the tickers widget?

The trading volume on the bottom right is showing the total volume for the DeversiFi portal, whilst the trading volume on the pairs on the top left is showing the volume of the whole order book which combines the total liquidity from DeversiFi and Partner Liquidity providers.


How do I view my trade history?

Before you can view your full trade history you may need to authenticate and fetch your trade data by signing a message. This process is designed to be convenient and effortless. Simply follow the steps below... 


2. Sign the Pop-up (Metamask illustrated here):

3. And Voila!



Why can’t I see my trades in the trades history sections?

There are several main reasons why you may not see your trades appear in the trades history section... 

1. The trade wasn’t successful

Naturally, for a trade to appear in trade history, it must have been successful. If in doubt, it's worth double checking that the trade had fully completed. You can start by reviewing your balances or use your wallet address to search etherscan.io, where you will be able to see the latest transactions, and corresponding details, associated with your wallet. 

2. The trade has not yet settled on-chain

We've designed so that trades are matched and executed in a speedy fashion akin to ethfinex.com. However, as you are ultimately trading from your own wallet, in Peer to Peer style, the final (on-chain) settlement of the trade will inevitably take longer. Therefore, if you have just made a trade and cannot see it in your trade history yet, please double check whether it has settled on-chain yet by searching etherscan.io

3. You must authenticate and fetch your trade data   

If you haven't already, please ensure you have completed the necessary steps to authenticate and fetch your trading data. In order to do so, please follow the steps outlined above in the ACCOUNT > How to view trading data section. 


How do I change my account? 

Changing your ‘account’ (connected wallet) is really easy. To do so, simply select ‘change account’  

Once selected, you can begin the process of connecting a new wallet to the platform, just like before.

If you have locked tokens associated with an account that is no longer connected, to see your locked tokens, and to trade or unlock them, simply reconnect that wallet.


Is Deversifi the first DEX to match the performance of a centralised exchange?

We believe so. We have been improving our DEX technology since early 2018 and believe it can offer the same seamless trading experience that you would come to expect from a centralised exchange, whilst allowing you to trade from the security of your private wallet.

Where does the DeversiFi liquidity come from?

The liquidity pooling is taken from multiple sources and means that you can enjoy high liquidity on markets such as ETH/USDT whilst trading from your private wallet. As we move forward and build relationships and partnerships, this liquidity will increase. 


How do I set a limit order?

Limit orders are the default order type on the decentralised portal. Therefore, in order to set a limit order, simply head to the order form and begin inputting the appropriate information (price and amount).

To learn more about the stages of setting an order, please visit check our ‘How to Make a Trade’ article here


How do I set a simple order? 

Setting a Simple Order is… simple. To do so, all you need to do is head to the order form and select ‘Simple’ in the top bar. Once done, you will see the ‘price’ input field turn grey meaning you are no longer able to set your own price. All that’s left to do then is simply input how much you want to buy (or sell) and pull the trigger!

To learn more about our different order types please click here


I’m trying to make a trade, why does it say insufficient funds when I have enough funds?

There are a number of reasons why you may be seeing the ‘insufficient funds’ error when trying to trade your tokens.

1. You are trying to send the FULL amount of locked tokens.

As the process of trading tokens within the portal means you are triggering a transaction from your wrapped (locked) ETH in the smart contract, there will need to be enough funds in your wallet to cover the GAS cost (transaction fee). Please bear in mind, this is a dynamic number and changes based on the state of the Ethereum network. To make life easy for users, we automatically calculate this difference for you, however, if you are editing it so that it shows the full amount, you will receive an ‘Insufficient Balance’ error message.

2. You have an open order

It is possible that you have set a limit order which has not yet fully executed. If this is the case, you may see the original sum of locked tokens in your balances dropdown, however, you would not actually have this amount available to trade. Therefore, make sure you do not have any open orders that may be causing the error. 


Why is my trade executing so much slower than on a centralised exchange?

When trading on centralised exchanges, your funds are deposited to the exchange and each trade is carried out quickly within the platform. In other words, each trade does not need to travel through the blockchain. This operational set-up allows for a much faster trading experience, however, inevitably requires users to trust the exchange.

On the other hand, when using the portal, you are trading in a true Peer to Peer fashion, directly from your own wallet, with no service in the middle facilitating the trade. In other words, you are trading 'trustlessly'. By doing it this way, you are prioritising the security and control of decentralised trading over the speed and convenience of centralised trading.  

Whilst DeversiFi’s intelligent smart-contract locking mechanism brings users the best of both worlds (centralised and decentralised trading) ensuring speed with un-compromised security, the time it takes for your funds (from a trade) to be readily available as ‘unlocked tokens’ in your wallet are slightly longer.

The trade execution times are similar to centralised exchanges, however, the actual on-chain settlement of the order is a slower process, as unlike a centralised exchange, this must make its way through the blockchain.   


Can I close an active order?

Closing an active order is possible, so long as it has not been executed. If it has been fully executed, there is no longer an open order to cancel, however, if it has been partially executed, you will be able to cancel the order and receive the amount that had yet to be filled.


Imagine you placed a limit buy order for 10 ETH at $100 but decided soon after that you no longer wanted this trade. It’s possible that, for example, 5 of the 10ETH have already been purchased at the set price. If you cancel this order now, you will keep the 5ETH you had already purchased, and the remaining $500 will be made available again.

To cancel an order, simply head to ‘Your Orders’ section and click the ‘X’ icon next to the order you wish to cancel.



What is Lock time?

The lock-time is a period of time dictated by the user which lets the smart contract know exactly how long to lock your tokens for.

Minimum Lock-time = 1 hour

Maximum lock-time = None

When locking tokens, you will see a pop-up asking for a time, this is where you confirm your lock time. 


I’m trying to lock my tokens, why do I have to pay?

When you send your tokens to the wrapper smart-contract (to lock them) you are creating a blockchain transaction that temporarily sends funds from your wallet to the smart-contract. As every transaction on the blockchain incurs a transaction cost (GAS Fee) there must be enough funds in your wallet to cover this to ensure the transaction is completed successfully.

This fee is never set at a certain price but is adjusted dynamically based on the state of the Ethereum network.

For user convenience, the ideal GAS price is automatically calculated and set when locking tokens. For example, if you had 0.2 ETH you would see something like the following when locking... 

However, if you would like to manually decrease or increase this price (or the amount you wish to lock) you can freely do so. One useful resource to help you in calculating how much to set is the following website: https://ethgasstation.info/ 


I’m trying to lock my tokens, why does it say insufficient funds?

There are a number of reasons why you may be seeing the ‘insufficient funds’ error when trying to lock your tokens:

1. You are trying to lock the FULL amount in your wallet.

The process of locking tokens means you are making a transaction from your wallet to the smart contract. As all transactions require a transaction fee, you won’t be able to send 100% of what’s in your wallet. If you have exactly 1 ETH you would need to send ~ 0.97 ETH.

2. There are not enough funds in your wallet

Please double-check you have the correct wallet connected (the one with your desired funds in) and ensure you are entering the correct amount when locking.


How long does it take to lock tokens?

Usually locking tokens takes no longer than 2 minutes.

When you lock tokens, a transaction is triggered that sends tokens from your wallet to the wrapper smart-contract. As a result, it takes a little longer than when, for example, moving funds between wallets on a centralised exchange. This is because, unlike with centralised exchanges, each transfer and transaction must make its way across the blockchain.

The good part is, we automatically set the appropriate gas price based on the current state of the Ethereum network to ensure the process is swift and your experience in the portal is convenient and effortless.


What is the legal entity of necDAO?

necDAO is a completely separate entity from DeversiFi. It isn't however a limited company nor technically a cooperative and has no legal entity in any national jurisdiction. When confirming the agreement at www.nectar.community/dao, participants enter into a mutual agreement with one another. So it's much more like a cooporative, although has some differences, with the main one being that it is not a legal entity.

Do you see any legal/tax risk of maintaining a DAO containing a large sum of funds without having any legal entity? How would the members of such a DAO be protected against legal liabilities?

We looked at many options, but ultimately decided its not for us to create a legal entity on behalf of the DAO, which will severely limit its flexibility and have long lasting impacts for its members.We do think that there are some pros and cons to creating a legal entity to sit behind a DAO, but the choice of jurisdiction and the exact form of the entity will be an independent decision for the DAO to take.For the moment the analysis that DeversiFi did as part of the launch preparations is that the current agreement gives the maximum comfort to members as possible with the maximum flexibility to choose its own independent path.

Is Reputation tradable?

Reputation isn’t tradable and cannot be used outside of the necDAO. It can be thought of as ‘points’ assigned to your Ethereum wallet, indicating your voting power and membership in the necDAO.

Is Reputation needed to submit DAO proposals?

No Reputation is not required to submit proposals to necDAO. Anybody, anywhere, at anytime, can submit proposals and will earn Reputation for doing so!


Will DeversiFi have btc pairs or it’s just erc20s?

We have recently added Wrapped Bitcoin pairs vs ETH and USDT so that it is now possible to gain BTC exposure via an ERC20.

How can I list my project on DeversiFi?

We have paused new token listings via the community vote for the time being. It is likely that we will restart the process in the future - please stay tuned to DeversiFi social channels for future updates. 

Do you offer trading rebates?

Whilst we do not offer trading rebates, holders of the NEC Nectar Token have fee discounts, as well as the chance of being a part of the necDAO. 

Are there any airdrops?

We have not run any airdrop campaigns, apart from the community governance experiment at Devcon5 with Iden3. If you're thinking of a particular token, it may have been run by that token's community or affiliated partners, so it would be best to enquire about such campaigns in their respective communities. 

Are my tokens, eth etc locked for ever, until I unlock them?

Tokens are only locked for as long as you decide during the locking process (If you do not input a number, the default is 500 hours - you can still unlock tokens before this time ends, however, provided you do not have an open order. Though, if you have 2 ETH locked, 1 of which is in an open order, you will still be able to unlock 1ETH worth). After this time, the token lock expires, and the balance will appear in red. You will then need to click on the unlock button if you'd like to be able to withdraw to a different address, or click on the lock button again if you'd like to re-lock them and trade on DeversiFi. 

Why is DeversiFi using different wrapper smart contracts for different tokens?

DeversiFi uses different smart contracts (wrappers) for each cryptocurrency as we use the 0x protocol, so follow the 0x order format which utilises wrapped tokens. This can also have further benefits of increased speed in order matching and integration with centralised order books.

How can I disconnect my wallet from deversifi, I can’t see a log off button?

You can disconnect your wallet by simply logging out of MetaMask (Or Squalink etc). Otherwise, there is no risk of keeping it connected for convenience. If your Metamask ever automatically logs out, you will also need to reconnect your wallet to DeversiFi

Are new UI and feature changes announced in advance?

Any new features and UI changes are announced as they are rolled out, we do not publish specific dates for updates in advance.

Hello, will there be a mobile web version soon?

Definitely! The mobile web version is close to completion. We are also working on integrating DeversiFi into popular mobile & web wallets

Is DeversiFi a part of Bitfinex?

DeversiFi has been incubated by Bitfinex as Ethfinex Trustless over the past two years. Operationally speaking, the management of DeversiFi and how the exchange is run is entirely independent from Bitfinex, who do not have any say in this regard. Essentially Bitfinex is a liquidity partner provider, along with having a percentage of NEC tokens, which are vested over a 5 year period (20% released per year). As we move forward and forge additional liquidity partnerships with other entities, then this list and the volume of the exchange will grow. 

Why are my partial orders automatically cancelled and not kept on the books for longer?

Partial order fill handling is top of our list to fix and is one of the most requested features (along with margin trading and different order types). We are currently refactoring code whilst we split out the back end infrastructure from Bitfinex. Once that process is complete then we will have a more stable platform from which to make such changes much quicker.

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