Using Trezor

Just like Ledger, connecting via Trezor is one of the most secure and convenient ways to get started on DeversiFi. This option offers tight security and ease of use to ensure your experience in the portal is smooth and safe. 

What is Trezor?

Sharing similarities with Ledger, Trezor is a multi-currency hardware wallet that connects to your computer directly via usb. The nature of a hardware wallet means your sensitive private key and seed phrase information is stored offline, making it much more difficult to compromise. This is also known as cold storage and is considered the safest way to store and manage your cryptocurrency assets.

For more information about Trezor and how to get started, please visit

1. Getting started with Trezor

Before you can begin using DeversiFi with Trezor, you will need to ensure you have your device fully set-up and operational. In order to do so, simply connect your Trezor to your computer and follow the instructions. Trezor uses My Ethereum Wallet as a way to store ETH Tokens offline, so before you can connect you will need to complete this set-up.

 2. Connecting to DeversiFi 

With you Trezor plugged in, simply head to, select the Trezor option and click connect. This will automatically display the correct Ethereum derivation path. You will then receive a pop-up from your Trezor client asking you to confirm the connection. Once confirmed, you will be taken back to the DeversiFi interface and your wallet will be connected.

3. Trading with Trezor 

We've made trading on DeversiFi as intuitive and natural as possible and using Ledger is one of the easiest ways to submit an order and make a trade.

Trading on DeversiFi using your Trezor is similar to any other method. The main difference being that you are required to  confirm transactions and sign messages directly from your Trezor device.

Note: You will need to keep your Trezor connected and unlocked throughout the whole trading process.

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