Using Ledger

Connecting using Ledger is one of the most secure and convenient ways to get started on DeversiFi. Just like Metamask, this option offers tight security and ease of use to ensure your experience in the portal is smooth and safe.

What is Ledger?

Ledger is a multi-currency hardware wallet that connects to your computer directly via usb. The nature of a hardware wallet is that your sensitive private key and seed phrase information is stored offline, making it much more difficult to compromise. This is also known as cold storage and is considered the safest way to store and manage your cryptocurrency assets.

1. Setting up Ledger

After purchasing a Ledger from the official website you will need to begin the process of setting your password and configuring your new hardware wallet. For more information and a step by step guide please check out their page here or contact their support at 

2. Connecting to DeversiFi

Once you have Ledger set-up and you feel confident using it, simply head over to and begin the process of connecting your wallet! First things first, make sure you Ledger is connected to your computer, it is unlocked and you have installed the Ethereum app.

Next, open the Ethereum app on your Ledger and initiate the on-boarding process at Depending on your Ledger firmware version, you might need to select a different address derivation path from the dropdown menu whilst on-boarding in order for your balances to display correctly. Select the desired wallet address from the list and proceed with the on-boarding.


3. Trade using Ledger

We've made trading on DeversiFi as intuitive and natural as possible and using Ledger is one of the easiest ways to submit an order and make a trade. The main difference when trading trustlessly with Ledger is that you will need to confirm transactions and sign messages directly from your Ledger device. 

Note: You will need to keep your Ledger connected and unlocked throughout the whole trading process.

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